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NOW is THE Time for DMO's to Know - Visitor Thinking Has Changed

During COVID 19 restrictions, most DMO leaders heard many presentations on national and state trends and sentiment. We heard what visitors were thinking and behaving – then.

As we emerge and going forward, past research tells us little. Who visitors are and what motivates their destination decisions have changed. Now is the time to know what your visitors are thinking. The Travel Analytics Group has carved out a specific and critical niche combining research insight and real-world strategy. We are asking travelers questions no other research firms are asking. We go beyond the numbers by detailing travel and travelers ahead of the curve, to give destinations a competitive edge. We can report on how personal/political values align with destination decision making or the types of destinations preferred by travelers’ race, gender, age or political positioning. We can help you identify how your local residents and visitors are aligned with the destination. Why is this important? Because going forward, both visitor and resident values alignment, often tied to age, gender and race, need to be understood and messaged for destinations to remain competitive non-locally and sustainable locally. We can help! We have the know-how and knowledge of the industry and the traveler to provide insight no one else has. Plan wisely. Use data--strategically

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Lauren Schlau

Carl Ribaudo


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