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Adapting to new tourism dynamics. California traveler perceptions and potential actions post COVID19

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

In an effort to go beyond consumer sentiment and understand what Californians are thinking now and expect to do regarding their near-term trips within the state, the Travel Analytics Group (TAG) is releasing a groundbreaking study.

The study’s primary objective is to provide insight to those marketing to California residents as to their travel related thinking and actions they may take after COVID-19 stay at home orders are lifted. The study highlights post COVID-19 perceptions, attitudes and specific behaviors of Californians overall and selected segments, key factors in messaging and travel decision making and the new prominence of safety and hygiene in trip decisions. The study also features TAG’s proprietary “Anticipation Index©.”

This must-have research for destination marketing organizations and others marketing California to Californians, features these specific actionable insights:

• Key trip decision factors, comparing before and after the pandemic

• Anticipation for taking a leisure trip in the next 12 months

• Biggest concerns/barriers to taking a trip in the next 12 months

• Expectations for starting to do specific activities on a trip away from home

• California areas planning to visit on the next trip overall and by region of residence

• Sources of health and safety information likely to consult in trip planning

• Importance of visible hygienic practices at hotels, venues and restaurants

• The essential messages travelers want to hear from a destination, venue or lodging to help them decide to take a trip safely at this time

Study highlights will be provided via a Zoom webinar (TBD), and posted on the websites of the Travel Analytics Group, (, SMG Consulting ( and Lauren Schlau Consulting ( A complete report including detailed segment cross tabs is available for purchase and the study authors are available for consultation.

Travel Analytics Group is a partnership between well-respected California based travel industry consultants SMG Consulting, led by Carl Ribaudo, a noted marketing strategist and Lauren Schlau Consulting, led by Lauren Schlau, a noted market research expert.

For more information contact

Carl Ribaudo, (530) 957-5299

Lauren Schlau, (323) 735-4464


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