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Market research is a means to an end; that is, to obtain reliable data and insight to guide effective and productive decisions for meeting organizational goals.  It expresses who, what, and why. Good research starts with a well-designed methodology to obtain key data through the right questions, in the right order, to the right audience(s).  The data results then provide the blueprint for the critical analysis; that is, what do the data convey? The analysis is only as good as the analyst; it is this insight gleaned from the data that determines how well the goals are met.   


At TAG our deep experience understanding client needs, research and survey design, and especially our keen analysis sets us apart, delivering the most useful and beneficial results to help keep our clients informed, viable and competitive.  



In the past, “strategy” meant top-down strategic planning with a list of “to-do” steps. In our contemporary view, strategy takes a systemic position; that is,  changing the competitive environment to an organization's advantage. Successful destination strategy provides the how, relying on credible relevant data and analysis to inform strategic insights. 

TAG’s approach is to integrate research/analysis and strategy/insights in a seamless collaboration with our clients, to deliver destination advantage in today's competitive tourism marketplace.